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Precision Machining

Large & Small Precision Machining


5-Axis Machining

C2 MACHINING has the ability to machine five sides of the part in one set up. We do compound angle milling and drilling, as well as complex geometric shape milling. The possible machining capabilities are endless.

CNC Machining

Our machining centers have a machining envelope of up to 205″. We have the capabilities for a wide range of setups, including vertical, horizontal, and our bridge mill with its 90-degree head.

CAD/CAM Services

Our Cad and Cam software includes SMIRT, WorkNC, and MasterCam. File types won’t slow us down, we can read virtually any type, and our experienced team is skilled in both designing and programming.

CMM Services

Find out for yourself how the revolutionary AMT fixture system can help you drive efficiency, consistency, accuracy and excellence in design, prototyping and production.


This is our latest department and we are currently developing this content for the website. Check back for more updates on C2 Fabrication. 

“We are using your work to benchmark the quality, accuracy,
and completeness we expect from our other suppliers.”

Dean Finnerty
Outsource Manager, Paragon D&E